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Dealing with Down the Soviet Union finds for the 1st time the ancient deliberations in regards to the Chevaline improve to Britain's Polaris strength, the choices to obtain the Trident C-4 after which D-5 method from the american citizens in 1980 and 1982. It additionally info the choice to base floor introduced Cruise Missiles within the united kingdom in 1983.

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Taking into account the long lead time for any future development programme, when is such a decision likely to be required? And how is it affected by consideration of possible cruise missile options? 42 As Chapter 2 will detail, the issues sounding Chevaline were now starting to become wrapped up with the possibility of replacing Polaris. Flight trials In the meantime, the first series of Chevaline flight trials using Polaris missiles was to begin in early September 1977 from Cape Canaveral. 45 The importance of the flight trials was indicated in a 2004 conference at the Royal Aeronautical Society by those who worked on engineering the project at the Royal Aeronautical Establishment (RAE), Farnborough.

MR. JENKINS: Can my right hon. Friend give an undertaking that it is not the real object of the tests to extend into a new generation of nuclear weapons after 1990 in breach of Labour Party policy and Government undertakings in this matter? 28 Facing Down the Soviet Union MR. MULLEY: I can give my hon. Friend the assurance that the tests are not designed to give us a successor to the present Polaris force. MR. CORMACK: Is the right hon. 86 Shameful or not, Mulley’s answer was deliberately nebulous for inter-party and domestic political reasons with Chevaline’s development still very highly classified combined with markedly escalating costs.

The results are encouraging and are comparable with the results from the Poseidon warhead design. However, before we could bring such an experimental device into safe and reliable service, we would need the information from the next test for which we are currently seeking permission to fire in July 1979. 69 These nuclear tests, although highly damaging to Labour with its vocal unilateralist wing, were a necessary prerequisite to the success of the Chevaline programme, and had wider applications in non-strategic devices and for a possible Polaris replacement.

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