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By Alberto Hidalgo-robert

"My lifestyles was once a circus and a comedy express by means of the age of 3 months: i used to be already the dimensions of a one-year-old! i used to be furry with titanic cheeks, huge legs, toes corresponding to tamales and fingers like an over-stuffed pita bread," writes twenty-year-old Alberto Hidalgo-Robert during this attention-grabbing memoir approximately his lifelong fight with obesity.

The first grandchild born into his family members in El Salvador, Alberto is showered with recognition and presents. quickly, notwithstanding, he's referred to as "El Gordito," or the little fats boy. by means of the age of 7, he weighed a whopping one hundred twenty kilos and his pediatrician had began him on a vitamin. by the point he used to be 9 he had attempted ten diverse diets. His existence grew to become a vicious cycle of consuming to extra, sneaking meals and mendacity to himself and his mom and dad; he was once the butt of useful jokes and teased by way of friends and strangers, eventually becoming a recluse, hooked on meals and television.

From the low aspect of his descent into weight problems hell, Hidalgo-Robert chronicles...

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Every day, about two in the afternoon, my parents would drop me off at my grandparents’ house. As soon as my seatbelt was unbuckled, I’d rush to kitchen and open the refrigerator and the counter drawers to look for something to eat. ” I didn’t even have the delicacy to reply. Instead, I would simply smile as I grabbed cheesy puffs, M&Ms and a soda. This was a complete menu, constructed to perfection. It started with the cheesy puffs. They were powdery and a vibrant yellow/orange. Each one of them was so crunchy and salty.

I pulled her pants so hard that she needed to hold them up. ” she asked, annoyed. “I want my combo. ” I screamed. She kept nodding while I kept screaming and crying. We were holding up the line. People were staring at me, but I didn’t care. I wanted to cry. Actually, I just wanted my fries, burger, sundae—and of course, the Power Ranger. Was this going to be the first time I wouldn’t get what I wanted? No! I dropped my butt to the floor and kept crying, pulling my mom’s pants and kicking and pounding the floor.

Every single bite had become everlasting. I was imagining myself eating it all over again. That day, I discovered that one hamburger was no longer filling. Something was wrong, though! Out of the blue, literally, I heard something or someone growl. The growling had interrupted my daydream. What a surprise when I discovered it was my stomach and that I was still hungry. My tummy, with every single minute passing, was rumbling and howling louder and louder. I had to do something. So I did. I stood up and wandered over to my parents’ table and hugged them both as I told them, “Thank you!

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