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The chemical engineering solution was to design a new material for the storage bag that was capable of "breathing"—of allowing carbon dioxide to diffuse out and oxygen to diffuse in. This prevents the drop in pH. Platelets stored in this new bag survive 10 days or more. Human Health Chemical engineers are needed to help transform the results of basic health research into practical products. , insulin and hepatitis-B surface antigen). The insert boxes in this chapter on platelet storage (p. 19), tissue plasminogen activator (p.

Although the use of fermentation to produce ethanol is an ancient technology, more efficient immobilized-cell, continuous processes have been conceived, and Japan has established the first demonstration-scale plant. According to the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), Western Europe and Japan have historically maintained a large and stable funding pattern for biochemical engineering. This is not so for the United States. The existing base of biochemical engineers in other countries, and their strong interest in exploiting the discoveries of the "new" biology, are reflected by extensive government funding and facilities support.

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