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Between points a and a) to an excited level with the same separation between the nuclei. It therefore falls on the corresponding potential energy curve between b and b\ where the energy is in excess of that required for dissociation, and immediate decomposition results. Thus, although an electronically excited HI molecule can be quite stable, it cannot be obtained in this form by excitation of HI. In agreement with these ideas L I N D and L I V I N G S T O N found an exceptionally high yield for the decomposition of HI by α-articles.

A large number of independent investigations in which the total amount of energy deposited was measured directly by calorimetry have established that the G value for the oxidation of ferrous to ferric is 15*6 ± 0-2t for x- and y-rays and for electrons that are more energetic than 25 keV. 14 3 # 3 * When x- or y-rays of less than 100 keV are used the concentration of sulphuric acid must be reduced to 0-1 Ν since there is high photoelectric absorption by the sulphur atom. t The sodium chloride is added as it ensures that the presence of adventitious organic impurities, present in trace quantities, do not interfere with the reaction (for explanation of mechanism see p.

113). g. a dry crystalline enzyme). In practice, however, it is useful to confine "indirect" action to reactions due to diffusible free radicals formed from water and to consider as "direct" energy deposition in the molecules of the substance being studied or in its neighbours when this leads to inactivation. The problem to be resolved is to determine the relative contribution of direct and indirect action as defined above for irradiation of a wet system such as a vegetative cell or a solution or suspension of viruses or enzymes.

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