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By Rodolphe Gasché

This ebook investigates what Bataille, in "The Pineal Eye," calls mythological illustration: the mythological anthropology with which this strange philosopher needed to outflank and undo medical (and philosophical) anthropology. Gasché probes that anthropology by means of situating Bataille's suggestion with admire to the quatrumvirate of Schelling, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Freud. He starts by way of exhibiting what Bataille's figuring out of the mythological owes to Schelling. Drawing on Hegel, Nietzsche, and Freud, he then explores the inspiration of photograph that constitutes this kind of illustration that Bataille's cutting edge procedure includes. Gasché concludes that Bataille's mythological anthropology takes on Hegel's phenomenology in a scientific type. by means of studying it backwards, he not just dismantles its structure, he additionally ties each one point to the previous one, exchanging the idealities of philosophy with the phantasmatic representations of what he dubs "low materialism." Phenomenology, Gasché argues, hence paves the best way for a brand new "science" of phantasms.

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To the contrary, the development in question turns out to be unavoidable if we want to show that the (self-)constitution of the concept brings about its very own failure. Remaining faithful to all the rules of argumentation, we will stage this sequence in order to be able to sacrifice it in the end so much the easier. In principle, this also applies in the same way to the phantasmatology that we have developed. First, we will present phantasmatology as a concept or a theory to account for Bataille’s way of writing and for what writes itself in his texts.

34 Censorship acts here with a force similar to that of a primary process, in that it strikes out the unconscious desires in their articulations and leaves behind only a text permeated by “black lines” that appears to defy understanding. The power of censorship and the deletions it effects, however, merely attest to the uncontrollable persistence of unconscious desires that provoke the repressing instances to their full recklessness. 35 The empty spaces are not only sites of the all-powerful power of censorship but also of its breakdown, thus forcing this power to make itself manifest.

Discussing the origins of “superficial associations” that manifest themselves in the contents of the dream in the form of wordplays, Freud establishes a connection between fantasy and the perusal of dictionaries. ” The entries of the lexicon, however, confront this curiosity with a new riddle. As a result, they merely provide additional materials for the phantasmatic constructions that were created by the fantasy operating with the consonance of words according to the laws of the unconscious. ”50 The darkness of this chaos represents the divided and fragmented body of the child: the result of the first irruption of sexuality.

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