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Species M. avium Host Human, swine, cattle Environmental Geographical location source Household & Kampala, Karamoja, valley dam water, Mubende ,Kyoga,Toro and swine shelter, Nakasongola cattle kraal M. gordonae Swine and Household & human stream water Mubende, Nakasongola,Kyoga, Toro and Kampala M. avium subsp hominisuis Swine and human Karamoja and Mubende M. intracellure Swine, human, cattle Mubende, Nakasongola and Household & valley dam water, Karamoja swine shelter, cattle kraal M. fortuitum Swine Household & Mubende and Nakasongola valley dam water, swine shelter, cattle kraal M.

Neoaurum, M. simie, M. duvalii, M. smegmitis and M. salmonphilum, M. rhodesia, M. septicum, M. chelonae, M. marinum,M. parafinicum, M. komamatonse and M. In general these findings are reflective of the NTMs load (infection/colonization) in swine reared in semi and free range systems, since the majority of the pigs in Uganda are reared in this system Fig. 3. , 2010) 30 Global View of HIV Infection 5. Non-tuberculous mycobacteria in human The absence of documented human to human transmission in the last 30 years has led to the conclusion that the environment is the source of NTM for human (Falkinham, 2009).

Engbaekii, M. hiberniae, M. kubicae, M. simiae, M. arupense, M. terrae, M. parafortuitum were some of the other NTM isolated from pastoral ecosystems of Uganda (Table 1). , 2005). In the highly mobile pastoral systems of Uganda, humans, livestock domestic and wildlife share open natural water sources. The sharing of these stagnant open water sources provides yet another NTM infection challenge at the human- environmentdomestic/ wildlife interface (HELI) (Kankya et al 2010). , 2011). Host-environment interaction is a key element in colonization and maintenance of Mycobacterium in a niche (Falkinham 1996; Biet al , 2005).

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