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By Doris Lessing

Anna is a author, writer of 1 very winning novel, who now retains 4 notebooks. in a single, with a black hide, she experiences the African adventure of her past years. In a pink one she files her political lifestyles, her disillusionment with communism. In a yellow one she writes a unique during which the heroine relives a part of her personal event. And in a blue one she retains a private diary. ultimately, in love with an American author and threatened with madness, Anna attempts to deliver the threads of all 4 books jointly in a golden workstation.

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He spoke with such a stubborn confidence in the quality of what he was going to offer his son, that Anna and Molly again raised their eyebrows at each other, conveying that the whole conversation had been wasted, as usual. ' said Molly, with her loud jolly laugh. 'About big business,' said Anna quietly, amused, who had been surprised, during her conversations with Richard, to discover the extent of his power. This had not caused his image to enlarge, for her; rather he had seemed to shrink, against a background of international money.

He looked like his father. txt of Molly's dash and vivacity. But unlike Richard, whose tenacious obstinacy was open, smouldering in his dark eyes and displayed in every impatient efficient movement, Tommy had a look of being buttoned in, a prisoner of his own nature. He was wearing, this morning, a scarlet sweat shirt and loose blue jeans, but would have looked better in a sober business suit. Every movement he ever made, every word he said, seemed in slow motion. Molly had used to complain, humorously, of course, that he sounded like someone who had taken an oath to count ten before he spoke.

But no. ' 'You mean, she might have been unhappy with him? ' said Molly, laughing contemptuously. 'No, your vanity was hurt. You worked really hard to make her in love with you again, it was all jealous scenes and love and kisses until that moment she broke it off with him finally. And the moment you had her safe, you lost interest and went back to the secretaries on the fancy divan in your beautiful big business office. And you think it's so unjust that Marion is unhappy and makes scenes and drinks more than is good for her.

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