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This publication is a scientific presentation of the idea of Hankel operators. It covers the numerous varied parts of Hankel operators and provides a extensive variety of functions, equivalent to approximation conception, prediction concept, and regulate thought. the writer has amassed many of the features of Hankel operators and offers their purposes to different components of study. This booklet comprises quite a few fresh effects that have by no means ahead of seemed in e-book shape. the writer has created an invaluable reference software via pulling this fabric jointly and unifying it with a constant notation, sometimes even simplifying the unique proofs of theorems. Hankel Operators and their functions may be utilized by graduate scholars in addition to by way of specialists in research and operator thought and should develop into the traditional reference on Hankel operators. Vladimir Peller is Professor of arithmetic at Michigan country college. he's a number one researcher within the box of Hankel operators and he has written over 50 papers on operator conception and useful research.

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5). 38 Chapter 1. 1. Let ϕ ∈ L2 . The Hankel operator Hϕ is bounded on H if and only if 2 sup Hϕ kζ 2 < ∞. 1) ζ∈D Proof. Let ψ = P− ϕ. We have H ϕ K ζ = P− P− ϕ z¯P− ϕ ψ = P+ . = P+ ¯ 1 − ζ z ¯ z − ζ 1 − ζz Clearly, P+ ψ ψ − ψ(ζ) 1 ψ − ψ(ζ) = P+ + ψ(ζ)P+ = . z−ζ z−ζ z−ζ z−ζ Therefore Hϕ kζ = 2 T 1/2 |ψ(τ ) − ψ(ζ)|2 (1 − |ζ|2 ) dm(τ ) |τ − ζ|2 1/2 = T |ψ(τ ) − ψ(ζ)|2 Pζ (τ )dm(τ ) . 3). To prove the compactness criterion in terms of kernel functions, we need the following characterization of V M O.

It is also easy to see that J Range(A0 + iI) = Range(A0 − iI). Therefore n− (A0 ) = n+ (A0 ). Let A be a self-adjoint extension of A0 . Clearly, span{An 1 : n ∈ Z+ } = H. By the spectral theorem there exist a positive Borel measure on R and a unitary operator U from H to L2 (µ) such that U 1 = 1 and U AU −1 is multiplication by the independent variable on L2 (µ). Obviously, U p = p for any p ∈ H0 . It is easy to see that µ is a solution of our moment problem. Case 2. There exists a nonzero polynomial p for which p, p = 0.

Let Γ be the Hankel matrix {αj+k }j,k≥0 . Consider the matrix ΓN = {αj+k }0≤j,k≤m+N and the vector   q0  q1     ..   .    m+1+N  x= .  qm  ∈ C  O     .   ..  O Since q, q = 0, it is easy to see that (ΓN x, x) = 0, where (·, ·) is the standard inner product in Cm+1+N . Since the matrix ΓN is positive semidefinite, it follows that ΓN x = O for any N ∈ Z+ . Now it is easy to see that   O  q0     q1     ..   = O, . Γ    qm     O    .. 42 Chapter 1. An Introduction to Hankel Operators and so Aq, Aq = 0.

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