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Am I ready for the journey? Why or why not? Part II It’s All About Connections Human beings are social by nature. We need the connections we make with friends and adults to give us the support we need to face some of life’s adversities. This doesn’t mean we have to surround ourselves with tons of friends or have a “perfect” family, whatever that means, in order to feel support. Not at all. All we really need is to believe that we have a network of people in our lives who understand us and who we can rely on.

Keep the picture some place handy and refer to it every time you find yourself trying to control another person or situation or any time you are upset about something. Reaching Your Potential You’ve spent a lot of time over the past three chapters clarifying your dreams, figuring out who you are right now and where you want to go, setting goals, discerning life’s rules, and setting boundaries. There is one more concept I want to introduce you to before we go deeper into this journey. Resiliency.

That is where healthy habits come into play. By making a conscious decision to make you a priority in your life, you are committing to a pattern of behavior that enables you to better cope with anything that comes your way. And the stronger your coping mechanisms, the better your resiliency. That leads to the attributes I mentioned earlier—strength, faith, patience, determination, courage, and commitment. Take time for yourself every day, keeping in mind the game plan in Tool #2. Tool #2 Taking Care of Me Get plenty of rest.

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