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By Tara Koellhoffer

Few adolescents think breathing in loved ones components for the drug-like results is de facto harmful to their health and wellbeing. This identify examines the numerous family items - nearly 1,400 of them - that may be abused as medicinal drugs and explains the wear and tear they could do to the mind and physique.

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Known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide has a long history of abuse as an inhaled drug. Usually packaged in tanks and inhaled through plastic masks, it is easy and legal to obtain. In fact, the gas is used to make the product spray in canned whipped cream, and it is most often abused in this form. Butane is normally used as the flammable fluid in cigarette lighters. It is sold in tobacco shops and many convenience stores, so it is cheap and easy for anyone to purchase. Propane is best known as the fuel used to light gas barbeque grills.

When it enters the body, methylene chloride is converted into carbon monoxide and chloride. Carbon monoxide reduces the power of red blood cells to carry oxygen. It does this by taking the place of oxygen and carbon dioxide in red blood cells, so the oxygen someone is breathing cannot bind to the blood cells anymore. Eventually, carbon monoxide takes over and the body can’t take in enough oxygen to stay alive. Methylene chloride can cause changes in the heart that can be fatal. Nitrous oxide can cause death when it is inhaled in excessive quantities.

Toluene can: • • • Damage chromosomes Injure eggs and sperm Lead to premature birth or the death of a fetus Inhalants’ Effects on the Body • • Cause birth defects Cause long-term problems after a child is born In some cases, the baby even suffers withdrawal from inhalant drugs because of the mother’s inhalant abuse during pregnancy. Nitrites also cause specific damage to the body. When used over a long period of time, nitrites raise the pressure of the fluid in the eyes. This can lead to glaucoma and even blindness.

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