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By Margery Facklam

“Clear, present, brilliant writing makes available to the overall reader the advanced difficulties encountered in transplanting hearts, lungs, and livers, in changing pores and skin, and developing man made joints, limbs, and larynxes.”--Kirkus Reviews

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In the futuristic space world George Lucas created for Star Wars, the Evil Empire’s soldiers are completely covered in exoskeletons. Inside Knowledge Military designers are the ones creating these exoskeletons. The equipment is relatively lightweight and very roboticlooking. It is usually attached to the arms and legs. The exoskeletons will assist the soldiers in their movements, making them stronger and faster. In battle, being able to carry heavier backpacks, lift heavy weapons, run fast for long distances, and jump over large obstacles would make a nearly superhuman soldier.

Another solution is needed. For a long time, there was no other solution. Then, in 1982, Barney Clark became the first person to receive a completely artificial heart. Called the Jarvik-7, the bulky device kept Clark alive for 112 days. The sixth patient to get a Jarvik heart lived nearly two years. Today, there is a new artificial heart that shows promise. The AbioCor Heart is implanted completely inside the patient’s chest. A small battery keeps it pumping. The AbioCor was first tested in 2001, and a later model was introduced in 2009.

Using BrainGate, paralyzed patients are able to turn on lights, read e-mails, and move their motorized wheelchairs— just by thinking! If combined with some of the technology that is already available for bionic limbs, BrainGate could make it possible for paralyzed patients to actually move their limbs once again. Inside Knowledge Nanobots are minuscule robots that are programmed to perform specific functions. Scientists are experimenting with making nanobots from human DNA and programming them to do things like fight infectious diseases or clean out clogged arteries.

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