Information & Communication Services

United Technologies L.L.C is a major provider of information, communication and promotional services, offering a complete package, from business to technical
solutions and support:


Analysis of research projects, products, tools, frameworks and identification of trends.


Assessment and improvement of communication and marketing strategies by
proposing enhancements and new services.


Research, set-up and maintenance of news bulletin boards and newsletters, continuous monitoring of new developments, organization of events, delivery of case studies and preparation of special publications.


Elaboration of a marketing approach and implementation of diverse communication tools and promotional actions such as websites, workshops, road-shows, audiovisual presentations and printed material.


Set-up and coordination of networks of experts and stimulation of interaction through conferences and organization of workshops.

We deploy dedicated teams of communications specialists, technology experts, E-Government experts, Editors, Publishers, Event Managers, Production Coordinators and Technical Experts are deployed to undertake the full range of activities of the various projects commissioned by the International Institutions.