Surveillance System

United Technologies L.L.C is a leading security company providing customized solutions for your surveillance requirements. We specialize in complete security systems using digital surveillance solutions (CCTV Cameras & Digital Video Recorders), Alarm Systems and Access Control.

From preventing intruders and vandalism, to provide a secure working environment for your staff or to reassure the public, at United Technologies L.L.C we have experienced technicians and systems engineers who will consult, design, supply, install and maintain a security solution customized to meet your specific surveillance needs.

We use proven technology and “Best of Breed” Analogue and IP solutions to make it easier and more cost effective to monitor your business operations. United Technologies L.L.C has extensive knowledge in Local and Wide Area technologies, encompassing all remote access technologies, which ensures the integrity and security of your critical business systems.

United Technologies L.L.C offers a comprehensive range of products (i.e. cameras, digital video recorders, hard drives etc.) and a national network of service and support, ranging from small retail outlets to huge mega stores.